Open Space

More than 60 percent of the Haymeadow parcel will remain open space

Wildlife Corridor

Working closely with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the Haymeadow development includes a wildlife movement corridor that ranges from 500 feet to over 1,000 in width. This corridor will be located as suggested by CDOW and maintained in perpetuity as open space. Activity in the corridor will be regulated as to ensure successful use by wildlife.

The plan also includes numerous open spaces areas that will be designed to improve the biodiversity of the land to create better habitat opportunity for birds and small mammals. Canopy tree cover, under-story planting, shrub and native grasses will replace some of the human introduced landscape.

Quality Construction

The intent of the Haymeadow plan is to foster an architectural style that will compliment yet differentiate itself from other Town of Eagle neighborhoods. Regardless of the type of home, Haymeadow will utilize quality, energy efficient and green building standards that will ensure all construction is able to stand the test of time.

Water Conservation

Haymeadow will install a non-potable irrigation system fed by the existing ditches on the property to supply all outdoor water usage within the development.  This will emulate the historic water use being flood irrigation of hayfields.  The non-potable system will reduce the impact to the Town's existing and future water infrastructure by decreasing peak water demand during the irrigation season.

The Landscape Design Guidelines for Haymeadow will require the installation of low water  usage planting. Haymeadow will preserve and enhance the existing wetlands that lie generally north of Brush Creek Road adjacent to Neighborhood A1.

Water Quality

Stormwater runoff from developed and impervious areas will be collected and treated in a series of water quality ponds.  These ponds will help to infiltrate the treated water back into the aquifer which in turns supports base flows in Brush Creek.

Solar Orientation

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