Current Phase of Construction

(Filing 1 - Neighborhood A1)

Haymeadow is hard at work constructing access and infrastructure per our April 2019 Filing 1 Final Plat approval by the Town of Eagle. This phase of development does not include construction of vertical product (homes) however, interest is building and we plan to offer pre-sale information in 2019 and deliver the first homes in 2020.

Site Plan Neighborhood A1

Site Plan Neighborhood A1

Filing 1 Construction includes:

  • Extending Meadowlark Road

  • Construction of Phase 1 of the Sylvan Lake Roundabout

  • Extension of the first segment of Sylvan Lake Road into Haymeadow

    • Two 11’ travel lanes

    • 5’ wide paved shoulder (bike lanes)

    • 10’ wide separated bike/pedestrian path connecting into Eagle Ranch

  • Construct first phase of interior road in Neighborhood A

    • Serves approximately 110 units

  • Extend water, wastewater, electric, gas and communication utilities into and throughout Filing 1

  • Construct 10’ pedestrian trail from Filing 1 to Pool & Ice Rink Park

  • Includes street lighting & landscaping

  • Build non-potable irrigation system serving all open space, parks, streetscapes and residential

  • We will continue to flood irrigate on agricultural lands

Sylvan Lake Roundabout Phase 1

Sylvan Lake Roundabout Phase 1

Dedications included in Filing 1 approval:

  • 32-acre Town Park/School site adjacent to Pool & Ice Rink

  • First phase of wetland dedicated to Town of Eagle

  • Construction of soft surface wetlands trail to connect to Sylvan Lake Road Roundabout

  • First phase of upland open space dedicated to Town of Eagle

  • Fire Station parcel dedicate to Town of Eagle

  • Dedication of 10’ strip of land along Brush Creek Road (length of Haymeadow parcel) for future widening or trail

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