Construction Underway!

Approved and annexed by the Town of Eagle in 2014, Haymeadow is a 660-acre conservation-oriented residential development which maintains sixty percent of the parcel as open space and is bordered by Brush Creek Valley Ranch Open Space and BLM land. Haymeadow will include multi-family and single-family homes and is centered around the mountain lifestyle. Homes will be constructed using high quality, low maintenance building materials and natural color palettes designed to match the mountain environment. Rich in amenities such as the popular multi-use Haymaker Trail, parks and interconnected soft and hard surface paths, Haymeadow is located in close proximity to Eagle’s business and social hubs, schools and additional Eagle-area recreational activities.

Haymeadow is guided by five core principles. The “guiding principles” are factored into every aspect of development and serve as our compass in design, layout and construction.

These guiding principles are:

  • Environmental protection & enhancement

  • Contribution to the Eagle lifestyle

  • Convenient & efficient transportation

  • Aesthetic design & quality construction

  • Economic viability and diversity


For more information contact:

Scott Schlosser

970 328 9519

media inquiries contact:

Jens Werner

970 471 3738


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General information:

  • Haymeadow plan and annexation approval granted in 2014

  • Filing 1 approved April 2019 (infrastructure construction package)

  • 660-acre parcel with 60% preserved as open space

  • 837 units of density consisting of multi & single-family homes

  • 5 distinct neighborhoods planned to be developed over 20+ years

  • Non-potable irrigation system to support watering public areas


  • Haymaker Trail

  • Dedicated school and town park area (32 acres)

  • Community park (20 acres)

  • Hard and soft surface paths

  • Future fire station

  • Connectivity to the greater Eagle community